Department of Physics

Department of Physics 

This academic year, the Physics Department consists of 2 professors, 1 advising professor, 10 senior lecturers, 15 lecturers, 6 laboratory assistants, 1 teaching assistant and 1 department assistant; 14 of department’s staff hold PhD degree and the rest hold the master’s degrees. The department staff has published 120 books, handbooks; over 800 scientific and advertising papers and owns 25 patents and copyrights. Former undergraduate students of the department have successfully continued to attend graduate programs at Mongolian and foreign universities, where 10 graduates have defended the PhD degree and 70 master’s degree in Physics. RESEARCH FIELDS: Study of the Crystal Structure and Compositions of Minerals, Matter and Materials, Study of the Size, Distribution and Stabilities of Particles in 1nm÷10000nm Range, Physical and Technological Properties of the Mongolian Mineral Resources and Products from these Resources, Theoretical Modeling of Nano Materials.

Физикийн тэнхимийн  бүрэлдэхүүн:

  1. Dean of Department of Physics, (Ph.D) Aldarmaa. Ch
  2. Advising professor, (Ph.D) Khenmedekh. L
  3. Professor, (Ph.D) Munkhsaikhan. G
  4. Professor, (Ph.D) Batdemberel. G
  5. Associate professor, (Ph.D) Zorigt. G
  6. Senior lecturer, (Ph.D) Nasanbat. N
  7. Senior lecturer, (Ph.D) Aligirmaa. Sh
  8. Senior lecturer, (Ph.D)  Tsermaa. G
  9. Senior lecturer, (Ph.D) Balt-Erdene. Kh
  10. Senior lecturer, (Ph.D)  Erkhembayar. Ts
  11. Senior lecturer, (Ph.D) Baigalimaa. Ts
  12. Senior lecturer Sukh. O
  13. Senior lecturer Dalkhsuren. J
  14. Senior lecturer (Ph.D) Tuya. S
  15. Lecturer, (Ph.D) Enkhtsolmon. O
  16. Lecturer, (Ph.D) Otgonbayar. D
  17. Lecturer, (Ph.D) Tserenbaljid. S
  18. Lecturer, (Ph.D) Erdenetuya. M
  19. Lecturer Davaasuren. Ch
  20. Lecturer Naranchimeg. D
  21. Lecturer Bulgansaikhan. B
  22. Lecturer Nomindari. D
  23. Lecturer Tsolmonchimeg. Ch
  24. Lecturer Chimedtsogzol. N
  25. Lecturer Odontuya. B
  26. Lecturer Batgerel. T
  27. Assistant lecturer Erdenetuya. O
  28. Master, (Ph.D) Enktuya. T
  29. Master Uyangatugs. Ts
  30. Master Buyanjargal. R
  31. Master Erdenedalai. Ch
  32. Master Khatanbold. E
  33. Master Bat-Orgil. Kh
  34. Assistant of dean Ulzii-Orshikh. M


Department of Physics

Phone number: (976-11)-2416, 99775800


Room number: 1-408


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