Laboratories for Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics serves students in the core subjects of higher education mathematics in the programs of the schools of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology and the professional subjects of its programs. The department has high-capacity computer labs with data processing, machine learning, and engineering computational software, which are connected to the Internet, equipped with projectors, screens, lights, etc., and have a capacity of 30 students per shift. Students do research, calculation, competition preparation, project, and graduation work.

     Laboratory of Mathematical Modelling

 The laboratory has designed to own the opportunity to experiment with the computations regarding simulating, evaluating, and visualizing related to mathematical modeling for features and structures in the law of natural and socio-economic phenomena. The laboratory has the best software used in engineering process computing, MATLAB, Fortran, Latex, Tecplot, and complex process and data processing software such as Phyton and Nvidia.


   Laboratory of Mathematical Computation            

The laboratory has been designed to study for students taking experiments in all engineering and natural and economic processes in whole or in part using a computer, regarding error estimation of computation, comparing the results, entire process error evaluation, finding the way of reducing the error, data processing, machine learning, and deep learning.