Message from Director

Message from Director

 In the preparation of engineering and technical personnel in  Mongolia, our professors, teachers and staff of School of Applied Sciences have contributed significantly. Today, our graduates are successful in their field in all socio-economic, science and technology and contribute to the country’s development. We have updated the content of the curriculum in accordance with the UNESCO Program and the Professionalization Index. As a result of introducing advanced method of result-based training, the quality of our school’s bachelor, master’s and doctoral degree programs improved and the graduates’ knowledge, skills and competence improved greatly.

We extend the cooperation with international and domestic professional organizations and researchers and support the joint research work and scientific activities of our professors, and hence the value of research work and proceedings of publishing in world ranking journal and number of global citation of publishing are much increased.

The main purpose of our School of Applied Science is to prepare knowledge, skillful, creative, highly skilled specialists and researchers, and breakthrough the research outcomes into the business and innovation activities based on social partnership, investment, and cooperation; that could make a major positive effect to the economy of the country.


Sincerely, Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D), Director of School of Applied Sciences


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