Message from Director

 I greet all scholars, professors, teachers, staff, and students of the School of Applied Sciences. Since the first branches of the Polytechnic Institute were established in Mongolia to train engineers and technical personnel, the basic science departments were established and expanded to become the Fundamental Education Center in 1991, the Engineering Fundamental Education Center in 1997, the School of Mathematics, the School of Material Sciences in 2001, and the School of Applied Sciences in 2014.

In line with the vision and mission of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, our university staff is working diligently to train highly skilled, environmentally friendly engineers and technologists for the age of technology and the information age. Our mission is to apply knowledge and create innovation by thoroughly understanding the country's economic and social development trends and integrating education, research, and production.

To implement this mission, we are working to bring the curriculum, course standards, and content up to international standards. Our efforts are concentrated on creating academic scholars, professionals, and leaders with the skills required to compete on a worldwide basis in the areas of leadership, compassion, humanitarianism, and intellectual property.

On behalf of the staff of the School of Applied Science, Mongolian University of Science and Technology, I would like to wish all the best to the organizations, communities, individuals, students, and freshmen who support our activities.


                                   Doctor (Ph.D.), Associate Professor Ulziibayar Vandandoo



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